Tajikistan, 2006

After the jam

Ambassador Hoagland with Bob and Mike

American Corner, Dushanbe

American Corner, Khojend

Autographs at Bactrian Center

BHB accompanies the dancers

BHB with the National Dancers

Bird in hand, Dushanbe

Bride at Tajik-Uzbek border

Colorado's Yankee Doodle Dandy, Jon Larsen

Dushanbe's beauties, Tajikistan

Dushanbe bride

Dushanbe dance party

Dushanbe master class

Dushanbe marketplace

Elizabeth goes Tajik

Embassy lunch, Dushanbe

Good music

Hey, Great Shirt!!!

Jamming in Dushanbe

Lola's lesson

Lunch, Dushanbe

Maya's mirror

More Dushanbe beauties

Museum jam, Dushanbe

Musical instruments museum, Dushanbe

Promotion party, Dushanbe tea house

Spring torrent

Tajik folk ensemble

The big band

The gals, Dushanbe

The National Dance Company of Tajikistan

The snowcapped Pamirs

Young musicians