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The Kennedy Center
Bob and the band recently were featured on, a multimedia website celebrating the musical diversity of Montgomery County, Maryland. There's a multi-part interview with Bob, with pictures and audio clips. The entire interview is also available there as a series of podcasts. For more on, here's a short article from the Washington Post , and a recent mention in the blog of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland. website logo February 16, 2011

Bob and the band featured at

Washington Post newspaper logo August 3, 2009

"One of the finest bluegrass bands in the Washington area, Big Hillbilly Bluegrass has toured Eastern Europe and the Dominican Republic to spread American music at the behest of the State Department. It's just that good."

Express newspaper logo January 30, 2008
Bob Perilla interviewed by the Express newspaper

The Kennedy Center 2006 - 2010
Big Hillbilly Bluegrass Performs on Kennedy Center Millenium Stage

Daniel Pearl Washington Post, February 28, 2002
Sweet, Mournful Notes -- A Musical Memorial to Danny Pearl

The Kennedy Center Louisville Courier-Journal, October 8, 2001
Notes from IBMA 2001

Baltimore City Paper Baltimore City Paper, January 12, 2000
From the Hills: How Mid-Century Migrants from the Mountains Brought Bluegrass -- and More -- to Baltimore